Remastering Manulix

Manulix, the 100% free installable LiveCD based on Linux kernel, uClibc standard C library, and GNU tools (GNU/uClibc/Linux distribution)

A. Prepairing an environment for remastering

1. Boot the Manulix CD (the one which you want to remaster).

2. Mount a writable volume to work within. The volume's file system should be ext2.

# mkdir -p /mnt/hda1
# mount /dev/hdb3 /mnt/hda1
It is strongly recommended that you mount to /mnt/hda1, even if your volume is in a location other than /dev/hda1. Otherwise, you will have to edit the remastering scripts.

3. Create the necessary filesystem layout for remastering scripts. Copy (a) the contents of /.source (it is a mounted squashfs filesystem) which will be used as chroot environment and (b) the contents of /.master which will be used by mkisofs at final stage of LiveCD mastering.

# mkdir -p /mnt/hda1/livecd/source
# cp -a /.source/* /mnt/hda1/livecd/source/
# mkdir -p /mnt/hda1/livecd/master
# cp -a /.master/* /mnt/hda1/livecd/master/

4. Extract the existing initrd.

# mkdir -p /mnt/hda1/livecd/initrd
# cd /mnt/hda1/livecd/initrd
# gunzip -c /cdrom/boot/initrd.img | cpio -idm

5. Copy the required BusyBox binary and symlinks.

# cp -a /busybin /mnt/hda1/livecd/source/

B. Chrooting and making desired modifications

1. In progress.

C. Executing the remastering scripts

1. In progress.

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