Getting Started

Manulix, the 100% free installable LiveCD based on Linux kernel, uClibc standard C library, and GNU tools (GNU/uClibc/Linux distribution)

Username's side

To get Manulix/Manulionix build farm on your "big system", do the following.

  • Make the corresponding build-farm directories:
$ mkdir -p "${HOME}"/build-farm
$ mkdir -p "${HOME}"/build-farm/BUILD-SCRIPTS
$ mkdir -p "${HOME}"/build-farm/SERVICE-SCRIPTS
$ cd "${HOME}"/build-farm
  • Get build scripts and service scripts (for example, by downloading them):
$ cd "${HOME}"/build-farm
$ wget
$ wget
$ tar xjfv build-scripts.tar.bz2
$ tar xjfv service-scripts.tar.bz2
$ rm "${HOME}"/build-farm/*.tar.*
  • Prepare to get packages:
$ mkdir -p "${HOME}"/build-farm/PACKAGES
$ mkdir -p "${HOME}"/build-farm/PACKAGES/srcpkg
  • Get source packages:
$ cd "${HOME}"/build-farm
$ wget
$ tar xjfv srcpkg.tar.bz2
$ rm "${HOME}"/build-farm/*.tar.*
  • Get binary packages for your achitecture:
$ cd "${HOME}"/build-farm
$ wget
$ tar xjfv binpkg-powerpc.tar.bz2
$ rm "${HOME}"/build-farm/*.tar.*
$ cd "${HOME}"/build-farm
$ cd "${HOME}"/build-farm
$ ./SERVICE-SCRIPTS/ --firstrun

Root's side

Now, login to your "big system" as root. su -l would be fine.

  • Create some directory under root's home, for example:
# echo $HOME
# mkdir "${HOME}"/making_of_manulix
  • Copy essential service scripts:
# cp ~username/build-farm/SERVICE-SCRIPTS/ ~root/making_of_manulix/
# cp ~username/build-farm/SERVICE-SCRIPTS/ ~root/making_of_manulix/
  • Execute, and you're ready:
# cd ~root/making_of_manulix/
# ./ --fresh
directory '/root/making_of_manulix/mx-chroot' doesn't exist; creating it
packages to be excluded: guile classpath autogen
copying binary packages (85 packages out of 88 total)... autoconf automake bash bc bdwgc binclock binutils bison busybox bzip2 cowsay cpat dropbear e2fsprogs emacs file finger flex freesweep gcc_snapshot gdb gettext git glib gmp gnutls gpm groff help2man hfsutils htop icmake infozip iptables ircii jamvm less libapr_util libapr libatomic_ops libelf libevent libexpat libffi libiconv libneon libnettle libpng libsigc++ libtool libunistring linux_libre lynx m4 make man mcron module_init_tools mpc mpfr nano ncurses nethack pax_utils pcre perl pkgconfig polarssl procps python readline rsync screen slang sl sqlite sstrip strace svn uclibc unzip wget yaboot yodl zlib - ok
[#0001] extracting bzip2 archive: autoconf-v2.69-powerpc32-uclibc.binpkg.tar.bz2... done
[#0002] extracting bzip2 archive: automake-v1.12.5-powerpc32-uclibc.binpkg.tar.bz2... done
[#0003] extracting bzip2 archive: bash-v4.2-powerpc-uclibc.binpkg.tar.bz2... done
[#0004] extracting bzip2 archive: bc-v1.06.94-3.1-powerpc32-uclibc.binpkg.tar.bz2... done
[#0084] extracting bzip2 archive: yodl-v3.00.0-powerpc-uclibc.binpkg.tar.bz2... done
[#0085] extracting bzip2 archive: zlib-v1.2.7-powerpc32-uclibc.binpkg.tar.bz2... done
generating build farm... ok
timestamp: Wed Jan 30 14:20:10 EST 2013
# cd mx-chroot
# ./
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