Manulix, the 100% free installable LiveCD based on Linux kernel, uClibc standard C library, and GNU tools (GNU/uClibc/Linux distribution)
Manulionix, the tiny but functional 100% free chroot environment based on uClibc standard C library, and GNU tools


"It is simpler to get binaries, but binaries are available for only a few systems."

"And His Meatiness will welcome those of all endianness, for their love of the taste of Freedom shall unite them at the great Open Source Cookout"
— The Book of Sauerkraut, Chapter 12, Verse 730

Manulix is a self-contained, live-bootable and installable GNU/uClibc/Linux distribution, with an emphasis on new versions of software in the case when 95% of software "distributors" and "maintainers" suddenly drop your platform leaving you only with ancient versions… Well, users of x86 machines (and 100% compatible ones) will probably never understand.

Manulix has been built from scratch. It is also 100% free GNU/uClibc/Linux distribution, without single byte of proprietary code.

Manulionix is chroot-only distribution variant of Manulix.

Manulix and Manulionix are freely distributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3 or any later version.

Currently, Manulix is a PowerPC 32-bit only distribution, but that can change given some amount of work by any volunteers.

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